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Harold M

Bet you get a lot of these and why not. Your plans are just so detailed, so easy to follow and the results are fabulous. I really enjoyed making these and the viewer comments are unbelievable.

I made the CABOVER TRACTOR RIG first. It was made as a request of my son-in-law, who wanted to give it to his father. … I gave it to my son-in-law in July – he was so overwhelmed that he really wanted to keep it. However, he finally gave it to his father in November. I received a thank you note from his father saying it was a “gift of a lifetime.”

I then wanted to make the DUMP TRUCK for myself, as it is very similar to one that I drove from my father in the 1950s. … It gets rave reviews and was even written up in my hometown newspaper. I plan to build another CABOVER for myself very soon.

Thanks again and keep up the good designs.

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