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  • fighter jet plane model made of multiple types of wood displayed on a stand

    Build your own aircraft for yourself, to display, to share as a gift, or for play using these wood plans.  5,892 total views,  37 views today

     5,892 total views,  37 views today

  • $12.67$19.61

    Make your own construction site with these construction vehicle wood plans! We have hauler designs like flatbeds and dump trucks to backhoe and road grader…

     6,699 total views,  45 views today

  • wooden models built with our plans by jerry hoadley, pickup truck, two monster trucks

    Past client builds of these wood model plans are available to browse, to see what the wood plans can help you build, and to get…

     6,984 total views,  40 views today

  • $17.97$21.15

    Get a woodworking plan for an old time-y wagon, a sleek submarine, or a toy pistol! Whether you’re building it as a gift or gifting…

     5,543 total views,  37 views today

  • $13.73$24.33

    Train enthusiasts and collectors will love a detailed plan for building a wood model of their favorite engine, also great for your family woodworkers!  5,923 total…

     5,923 total views,  41 views today

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