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Company History

From the desk of Dan Gatto

February 1, 1998

My first love for woodworking, I believe, was when I was 10 and helped my father build our first garage, then later remodeling the upstairs. I enjoyed high school shop class, and when I was older, made furniture and refinished antiques that I purchased at auctions. I bought a small house when we got married, and when the family grew, I added to the front of the house, added to the rear, went up a story, and attached a two car garage. I designed and built a 22' oval gazebo with a 3 layered roof. I have read many woodworking magazines over the years and purchasing various tools for these jobs. I love old cars and frequent car shows all summer long. In fact, I bought a 29 Pontiac (wood frame construction), stripped it down completely, and rebuilt it over the years. I think all of these things have prepared, inspired, and led me to make and design wooden models, (automobiles and trucks in particular), and to eventually form the company I own today. I believe these woodworking products are becoming the new craze. I have been working in this field for the past years creating and designing woodworking plans for the novice woodworker/collector who appreciates details that go beyond children's toys. I have had extensive training in drafting and art all through Junior High, High School, and college, and for the past 19 years I have worked full time in the truck prototype frame department at work.

Examples of Our Wood Plans

Each high quality wood plan features an attractive cover...

....wood plan has a detailed description with history information...

Most of my woodworking plans have evolved into incorporating 3 dimensional drawings, such as you might find with putting plastic models together. My intentions were to create all wooden models detailed similar to model ship building, but at an affordable price (using your own scrap wood).

From my large scrap books of customer responses, I have had customers winning blue ribbons and best of show at state fair all over the country. Customers, who have received other wood plans from other sources, have raved over the simplicity and ease that my wood plans afford, yet the results have brought in as much as $400.00 to $900.00 for some wood models and an unusual auction price of $1225.00 from one woodworker in Michigan. My customers include doctors, shop classes, craft shops and retired wood workers, and many others (including inmates). I have sold wood plans to every state in the United States, just about every English speaking country and although my wood plans are printed only in English, I have numerous non English speaking customers who have purchased them.

Parts catalogs are now beginning to produce 3" treaded tires for the larger trucks that I design, but it is not really necessary because my wood plans include directions to make all parts (including spoked tires for the antique cars and motorcycle). I try to make each wood model with some moveable parts, such as a hose reel that works (on the Antique fire truck), or as the hood that pivots forward (on the tractor rigs, etc.) to show the engine assembly and give them that added realism. Whether for a desk novice, collection, award, or gift, making "Woodblock Models" with my woodworking plans is a rewarding and profitable hobby as well as creating a collection to be cherished a lifetime.


Dan Gatto well as full details listing each step and
materials needed to build the wood plan project.

Publication History

Gatto Plan Supply has worked with several people and publications since Dan Gatto started creating wood plans. Past and present publications and individuals who have sold Gatto Wood Plans are:

• The Australian Woodworker

• Woodworkers Workshop – Canada

• Wildwood Acquisitions – Janesville, WI

• Cherry Tree Toys – Belmont, OH

• Alan Gilbert – Quebec, Canada

• McFeely’s – Lynchburg, Virginia

• The Woodworkers Store – Rogers, MN

• Black Forest Wood Company – Calgary, Canada

Other Links

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