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Our mailing address is:

Gatto Plan Supply
55 Dogwood Road
Hamburg, Pa 19526

Thank You!

If you are concerned about using the online ordering system or wish to pay via check or money order – please print out this form and mail it along with your payment to our address. The form can also be filled out on the computer so you don’t have to print it out.



Gatto Plan Supply has worked with several businesses and publications over the decades. Magazines that have carried or are carrying the wood model plans we create include:

• The Australian Woodworker

• Woodworkers Workshop – Canada

• Wildwood Acquisitions – Janesville, WI

• Cherry Tree Toys – Belmont, OH

• McFeely’s – Lynchburg, Virginia

• The Woodworkers Store – Rogers, MN

• Black Forest Wood Company – Calgary, Canada

Individuals who have sold our plans include:

• Alan Gilbert - Quebec, Canada


Rockler - Woodshop supplies, wood, tools, and finish. Dan Gatto himself uses Rockler as a resource for wood, tools, and other supplies for his own woodworking projects.

Cherry Tree Toys - Woodworking project ideas, tools, supplies, parts. Are you a beginner woodworker looking into how to get started? Are you experienced and want to try making something you haven't before? Cherry Tree Toys has many resources and supplies for beginner to intermediate woodworkers.

Dan Reed - Vehicle Artist - Makes artistic renditions of any vehicle. If you are looking for an artist for vehicles, this guy is who you're looking for. You can make a custom request for him or purchase small prints of previous work.

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